Our Baby Bear is 5!

Tomorrow our baby bear is 5 years old! It’s hard to believe that almost 5 years has went by since the day we brought our little meatloaf home. We were talking about him the other day and how small he was. He didn’t even have a waist. He was a little loaf!

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared the story of how Gunther came to be ours. After we fell in love with bulldogs and got over the sticker shock, we found a breeder in Windsor, Ontario, that had a pregnant female. We sent a deposit and just waited for our little guy to be born. We found out a few weeks before birth, that she had a false pregnancy and there were going to be no puppies.

We were heartbroken, but started the search for a new breeder. We found a breeder in Mississauga that had a new little of 6 puppies. We exchanged some emails, and went and saw them. This was a a picky breeder. She wanted to approve the new owners, and just because you want one, it doesn’t mean you get one. Thankfully, she gave us one, and we were down to 2 puppies to choose from. A girl and a boy. We decided on the boy. We took a picture of the puppies and slept on it. This picture of the boy sold me. His litter name was Beast. Soon Gunther was to be ours!

A few weeks old. Big paws!

On yes, the point of the story. At the first meeting, we discovered the litter was born on October 4, 2007. This is also Marc’s birthday! Kinda seems like it was meant to be doesn’t it? Gunther has turned into be a huge part of our life. He is not our dog. He is our son. He sleeps in our bed, we pamper him, he’s spoiled, but still a very good boy. Marc and I really hadn’t been together that long when Gunther came into the picture, and “raising” him, there has been tears of frustration and worry, and tons of laughs. Gunther makes us laugh EVERY DAY.

Marc and I have learned so much about eachother in the process. It has tested our relationship and made us stronger as a couple. Gunther helped us learn to cooperate. Marc is affectionately known as “daddy-fun” and me, “mommy-no fun”. Gunther loves me, but really loves his daddy. I’m the one who cuddles him at night if he’s restless or sick. Marc does all that, and is his personal on demand play toy!

He is our boy, and we cherish every day we have with him and cannot imagine life without our baby bear. So we wish the best bulldog in the world, the happiest 5th Birthday a bully could have!

A face only a mom could love!


Nap time


Gunther and Daddy sharing “sweet nothings”


He got himself in this position all by himself. What a character!


Just sunning himself in the vegetable garden…why not?


Our little meatloaf of love


Daddy.. really?!


Happy 5th Birthday poopie!

Keeping a close eye!

Marc has talked about getting a webcam to be able to watch Gunther many times. I thought it was a silly idea. But we finally broke down and purchased one. We got the dlink 932 version. It wasn’t expensive. We paid 115$. Hooked it up with the computer and the wifi and you there is even an iphone app so you can get it on your phone! Perfection!

It has a night camera as well, so we can see in any light. Let me tell you, I love it. I love the peace of mind of being able to see him throughout the day or in the evening when we go out. The first day we hooked it up, we were so excited to see what Gunther does all day. Well, we were disappointed, because all he does is sleep on the couch, in various positions. Maybe once a day he sleeps on the floor for a little bit.

Here are some shots, various days:

Cute huh?! I was saying to Marc the other day, he probably thinks the couch is his, since he spends most of the time on it, more than us! No wonder he sits and stares at us when he wants our spot!

If you were thinking about getting a cam, it’s so worth it!

Time Flies!

Gunther is doing well. He is almost 5, and a portly 68.2 pounds at last vet visit. I really want to try to update more often. What’s the point of a blog when you don’t update!


Up Close Smush Face!


Gunther! For the third time, you cannot go in there! That is not your house!


You can walk Mommy, but I’m not following! I’m not in the mood!


Gunther’s latest animal conquer..


Gunther, we told you, dinner is all gone!

If you promise to keep reading about our bear face, I promise to increase my writing!!


The Sweet Spot

Gunther has developed a new sleeping habit the last few weeks. Marc and I have a queen bed, and there’s not a ton of extra room (not like my picture), but more than enough room for him to lay in the middle at the bottom of the bed with his head facing the foot of the bed. He usually does that and doesn’t encroach on us me too much.

Well, this is Gunther’s new sweet spot.


I like to sleep on my side and he has started sitting down right in the curve of my legs, and positions his bum right on mine and then lays down. He has all the room in the world, and this is where he wants to be. When he first started doing it, I smiled. It was funny, and I never would of thought this but I like it when he does it. I just love knowing he’s comfy and find it almost flattering he wants to sleep touching me. Maybe that’s where he feels safe? Or maybe it’s something as simple as he stays more warm that way.

Regardless, it makes me laugh. Last night as I was up at 4am because he wouldn’t go back to sleep I starting thinking of this post and sharing it on his blog.

What a funny guy!



Crisis Overted

We are very lucky. Two weeks ago, we had corn on the cob for dinner. marc thought Gunther would like to lick the cob, and just as he was giving it to him, I said, NO…..don’t. Well too late, he chomped off a 2″ piece off the end. Panic mode. Well we watched him, and he ate, played, pooped, peed, and eventually I forgot about it.

Last week, he had 2 vomit periods, one at 5pm on Tuesday, and one at 6am on Friday. I thought it was really strange and was going to ask you guys for advice, but I thought I’ll wait to see if it continues. All the while, he is fine..eating, holding food down and pooping.

Saturday we fed him, he ate it, and about 2 mins later, threw up all his food 3 times. The last one had the corn cob piece in it! You can imagine my surprise. I’m SOOOO thankful he threw it up, and man were we lucky…..

He’s a tough cookie….

Sleeping Beauty

Daddy snapped 2 amazing pictures of Gunther last night. I’m in love!



Gunther in pictures!

It has been a busy couple of months. We moved to a new city and a new home! Soon Gunther will have his own small backyard to play in. When we get grass that is! It is a new construction zone, so there is lots of mud and this Spring has had tons of rain. Would you believe when Gunther has to do his business, we take him in the car to the next block where there is grass. We don’t want to clean mud off his paws! Talk about spoiled! Here are a few pics from the last few months!


Move in day! Gunther resting on the movers carpet.


My back seat was full of broken down boxes. Gunther had the best time on those for weeks!


This means... "I would like some pizza please!"


Mommy, I want up on the bed. Now, or I will growl!


Gunther's new summer pool. Getting his used to it with a cookie!


Our personal shower squeegee!


This squeegee is a lot less work!


All comfy on the bed in the AM.


Yes, that is a deflated monkey on my back! Let's play!


Gunther getting some routine bloodwork at his new vet. He got a blue bandaid, with stars! Aww!

Where’s Waldo?!!



One of our favourite nicknames for Gunther is poopie. Don’t know where it came from, but it stuck. Marc came back from his walk one day with this picture. I think it’s just the cutest thing!


Tired Poopie

Gunther relaxing on this Saturday morning.