Christmas Gunny!

Gunther’s second Christmas is coming up. He is looking forward to spending time with all of the aunts and uncles he doesn’t see all the time. Gunther is doing just fine! He is enjoying the new snow that has fallen. He goes crazy running around in it!

Last Sunday, Gunther did his first therapy session at a nursing home through St. Johns Ambulance. Marsha came with us, and she said he did wonderful. We weren’t there for a long time, she said she didn’t want to do overwhelm him and keep him there too long. He was very calm, and didn’t jump up too many times. We will be going next Sunday, and then we are on our own for the next upcoming weeks. I am looking forward to when Gunther gets his bandana and tag for his collar!

Gunther just finished his dog training class. Graduation will be in January. I am thinking of signing up for clicker training. I think that would be nice for him. I know he will like the challenge, and the treats! LOL

Below is Marc and Gunther last night. Marc’s co-worker gave Gunny a coat so we were seeing if it fit. You may be able to see in the picture it fits him a little too tight. Gunther looked like a stuffed sausage, and DID NOT like wearing it. He gave us the typical bulldog stink eye and basically stood still. He does not like constricting things. It was funny though!



On that note, Gunther hopes all his doggy friends have a Very Merry Christmas!! Woof!

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  1. My pug won’t wear anything either. We tried putting a t- shirt for dogs on her when she was a baby and she had a fit. So we never tried that again. Too bad cuz it was so cute. Gunther would look good in a tough leather jacket. lol

  2. Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I can’t get into your other journal site. It comes up as an “attack site” and says it is dangerous to go in there cuz of software being downloaded against your will and all that. I thought you should know if you didn’t already. I hope it gets fixed soon so I can read again.

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