The Sweet Spot

Gunther has developed a new sleeping habit the last few weeks. Marc and I have a queen bed, and there’s not a ton of extra room (not like my picture), but more than enough room for him to lay in the middle at the bottom of the bed with his head facing the foot of the bed. He usually does that and doesn’t encroach on us me too much.

Well, this is Gunther’s new sweet spot.


I like to sleep on my side and he has started sitting down right in the curve of my legs, and positions his bum right on mine and then lays down. He has all the room in the world, and this is where he wants to be. When he first started doing it, I smiled. It was funny, and I never would of thought this but I like it when he does it. I just love knowing he’s comfy and find it almost flattering he wants to sleep touching me. Maybe that’s where he feels safe? Or maybe it’s something as simple as he stays more warm that way.

Regardless, it makes me laugh. Last night as I was up at 4am because he wouldn’t go back to sleep I starting thinking of this post and sharing it on his blog.

What a funny guy!



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  1. Don’t feel like you are the only one – Gizmo does the exact samething, and its funny her head is ALWAYS towards our feet, even when she is on our pillow, her head is ‘south’ its sure a nice thing to roll over too – and then catching a ‘wiff’ of Salmon Grain Free ! *cough gag gag gag cough* P.EW !

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