Time Flies!

Gunther is doing well. He is almost 5, and a portly 68.2 pounds at last vet visit. I really want to try to update more often. What’s the point of a blog when you don’t update!


Up Close Smush Face!


Gunther! For the third time, you cannot go in there! That is not your house!


You can walk Mommy, but I’m not following! I’m not in the mood!


Gunther’s latest animal conquer..


Gunther, we told you, dinner is all gone!

If you promise to keep reading about our bear face, I promise to increase my writing!!


One Response to “Time Flies!”

  1. I just came across your website and you are not going to believe this but I have a bulldog who is white and tan and is 5 years old and his name is Gunther too! There are some of your photos where they look the same especially as a puppy. Gunther enjoys getting an invite into random strangers houses as well but sitting outside their door. Gunther’s street name is G-Unit and his other nickname is the Gunther Baby. We must be in some parallel universe or something! Really enjoyed your pics and your website and most of all your Gunther. :)

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