Keeping a close eye!

Marc has talked about getting a webcam to be able to watch Gunther many times. I thought it was a silly idea. But we finally broke down and purchased one. We got the dlink 932 version. It wasn’t expensive. We paid 115$. Hooked it up with the computer and the wifi and you there is even an iphone app so you can get it on your phone! Perfection!

It has a night camera as well, so we can see in any light. Let me tell you, I love it. I love the peace of mind of being able to see him throughout the day or in the evening when we go out. The first day we hooked it up, we were so excited to see what Gunther does all day. Well, we were disappointed, because all he does is sleep on the couch, in various positions. Maybe once a day he sleeps on the floor for a little bit.

Here are some shots, various days:

Cute huh?! I was saying to Marc the other day, he probably thinks the couch is his, since he spends most of the time on it, more than us! No wonder he sits and stares at us when he wants our spot!

If you were thinking about getting a cam, it’s so worth it!

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  1. I want to get more cameras, but he doesn’t leave the couch often.

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