Our Baby Bear is 5!

Tomorrow our baby bear is 5 years old! It’s hard to believe that almost 5 years has went by since the day we brought our little meatloaf home. We were talking about him the other day and how small he was. He didn’t even have a waist. He was a little loaf!

I don’t know if I’ve ever shared the story of how Gunther came to be ours. After we fell in love with bulldogs and got over the sticker shock, we found a breeder in Windsor, Ontario, that had a pregnant female. We sent a deposit and just waited for our little guy to be born. We found out a few weeks before birth, that she had a false pregnancy and there were going to be no puppies.

We were heartbroken, but started the search for a new breeder. We found a breeder in Mississauga that had a new little of 6 puppies. We exchanged some emails, and went and saw them. This was a a picky breeder. She wanted to approve the new owners, and just because you want one, it doesn’t mean you get one. Thankfully, she gave us one, and we were down to 2 puppies to choose from. A girl and a boy. We decided on the boy. We took a picture of the puppies and slept on it. This picture of the boy sold me. His litter name was Beast. Soon Gunther was to be ours!

A few weeks old. Big paws!

On yes, the point of the story. At the first meeting, we discovered the litter was born on October 4, 2007. This is also Marc’s birthday! Kinda seems like it was meant to be doesn’t it? Gunther has turned into be a huge part of our life. He is not our dog. He is our son. He sleeps in our bed, we pamper him, he’s spoiled, but still a very good boy. Marc and I really hadn’t been together that long when Gunther came into the picture, and “raising” him, there has been tears of frustration and worry, and tons of laughs. Gunther makes us laugh EVERY DAY.

Marc and I have learned so much about eachother in the process. It has tested our relationship and made us stronger as a couple. Gunther helped us learn to cooperate. Marc is affectionately known as “daddy-fun” and me, “mommy-no fun”. Gunther loves me, but really loves his daddy. I’m the one who cuddles him at night if he’s restless or sick. Marc does all that, and is his personal on demand play toy!

He is our boy, and we cherish every day we have with him and cannot imagine life without our baby bear. So we wish the best bulldog in the world, the happiest 5th Birthday a bully could have!

A face only a mom could love!


Nap time


Gunther and Daddy sharing “sweet nothings”


He got himself in this position all by himself. What a character!


Just sunning himself in the vegetable garden…why not?


Our little meatloaf of love


Daddy.. really?!


Happy 5th Birthday poopie!

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  1. Happy birthday Gunther!! Hope your mom and dad spoiled you with lots of yummy pizza treats :-)

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